Our Nächt is a native fermented Belgian-inspired imperial stout clocking in at 10.2% ABV.

Psyche Ward

Mushroom porter collaboration with Coastal Coffee coffee -rubbed roasted lion’s mane mushrooms from Mushroom Mountain. Brewed with Good Word Brewing at Carolina Bauernhaus Ales.

Screw Yuzu

We dry hopped our native fermented golden rye ale with Vic Secret hops and a copious amount of fragrant & floral yuzu zest. The result is a candy-sweet aroma balanced by spicy rye and a refreshing dry finish.


Small Bier named for our brewery mascot during our first two years in existence.


A farmhouse style ale made with pale malt from Carolina Malt House and dry hopped with Grungiest hops for bright cereal malt flavor with a peachy hop kick

Oconee Pale Ale

A nicely balanced clean and crisp American pale ale that we dry hop with hop cones from Oconee County and ferment with our N1 house strain of yeast.

Common Ground

This barrel fermented table bier gives you all the #RusticRefined flavor that you’ve come to expect from Carolina Bauernhaus, but it’s only 110 calories per 12oz. Pour! Heavy on flavor, but light on calories. Cheers!

Source Series® Apis

Source Series Apis is a golden ale native fermented with two strains of yeast collected from local honeybees. A simple grain bill and subtle hop character allow the yeast to take center stage. Local wildflower honey was added during the fermentation for a burst of honey aroma and flavor accentuating the character of the yeast.