Maity Maity Bock-tones


Low Tide Brewing Collaboration

ABV: 6.4%

From farm to froth with 100% grown and malted South Carolina barley from Palmetto Malt we have brewed our first collaboration beer with our friends at Carolina Bauernhaus. We were thrilled to be picked as Low Tide's first collaboration beer. We love supporting other local businesses and can’t wait to share the “Maity Maity Bock-tones” Maibock with all of you. The Maibock beer style, traditionally brewed in the regions of Bavaria, was released in Mai (May) for drinking between the doppelbocks of winter and spring but before the Autumn fest and marzen beers. The light golden hue with sweet doughy flavor has an overture of maillard complexity with a touch of caramelization.