Vale of Jocassee

Beer Details
  • ABV: 6%
  • IBU: 15

Blended barrel-aged wild ale with regional malts, native yeast and aged in Dark Corner and Six&Twenty distillery barrels

Discover the legend of “The Lost One,” Cherokee maiden Jocassee, daughter of Chief Attakulla of the Oconee Brown Vipers tribe. Hers is a tale of forbidden love with a young warrior from the rival Green Birds tribe. Nagoochee, unafraid to enter Brown Viper hunting grounds, broke his leg and lay helplessly awaiting death on enemy soil. Desperate, he cried for help, and was heard by the young princess. After sneaking him into her father’s lodge, she fell in love while nursing him back to health. Once recovered, Nagoochee departed.  Jocassee awaited her lover’s return only to be reunited with him after her brother Cheochee returned from battle with Nagoochee’s head hanging from his belt. Grief stricken, Jocassee waded into the ancient waters that now bare her name, expecting to sink and meet her love in the afterlife. Instead, she found herself walking across the lake to the spirit of Nagooche.