Card Crafting Class

Wed June 19 2024 06:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Carolina Bauernhaus Greenville – Purchase Tickets:

Card Crafting Class

Who joins our class?

1-You're old enough to remember the thrill of going to the mailbox and getting a card! A real honest to goodness letter, that made your day, and you want to spread that joy.

2-You're younger, and may have never gotten anything in the mail other than a bill or junk mail! It's time to change all of that.

3-You're crafty, and want to sit in a room full of other crafty folks who need an excuse to make cute cards to send to friends in the mail.

Regardless of why you would want to join us, you will now not only be the topic of conversation for everyone you sent a letter to, but you’ll love the reconnecting (or connecting) feeling of surprising someone with a handmade card and a “Hello, how are you?"

Class meets on the third Wednesday of every month. We will make 4 cards to be sent the following month. You choose the benefactors. Same people every month, or new ones every time we create!

Not only will you be connecting to old friends or family, but you’ll most likely be adding some new friends to the list from these classes.

Ticket price covers all letter writing and card crafting supplies, except for the stamps.