October 2 2020 05:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Carolina Bauernhaus Greenville

Elysian Fields

Get lost treading the ancient path to the Elysian Fields...A hero on your way to the majestic final resting place, the Elysian Fields, you soon get turned around, confused by Hades' fire and the fruits of Persephone's garden. See the Bauernhaus transform into an eerie night full of witches, harpies, and other dark creatures as they converge to take you deeper into their thralls.Our newest art installation the Grandfather Tree will be looking on as you explore the art of Allison Anne Brown and sip on our featured "Persephone's Lips," a pomegranate mead that's to die for.Starting at 7:30, become mesmerized by the aerial and fire performances of Selkie Velveteen, Catherine Arcana, and Allison Anne to the beats of a live DJ for a magical First Friday experience.