March 31 2021 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Carolina Bauernhaus Greenville

Saloon Murder Mystery

Carolina Bauernhaus brings you the first of many Murder Mystery parties coming to our Haus in 2021! Featuring the mysteries of Bunny's Bamboozles, we'll be hosting five groups of four players for an evening of Western Saloon shenanigans. For best gameplay, form your team of four and choose the group you want to be before it gets snagged!Ticket price ($200) is sold as a group ticket and has all you need ~ drinks, dinner, and death ~ for a memorable night out. You and your friends act out the mystery to find the murderer! Each group ticket includes 8 craft brews, pub fare for four, and your character scripts.Plot: In the town of Deseret, any day could be your last. Townsfolk live in fear of outlaws hiding along the trails that lead to the town. Between them and the nightly gunfights between drunk and angry saloon patrons, as well as the recent typhoid fever breakouts, folks just don’t know what to expect, or how death will come for them. Drowning in a horse trough, however, is not something anyone expects.On the night of March 24, 1870, Ruth Ann, a member of the nearby Church of Saints, is discovered drowned in one of the horse troughs outside of the Palisade, the town’s bordello. Tensions are high the next day, when Prophet Briggs, leader of the Church of Saints and its town, Zion, enters Deseret. He and a few of his men have come to claim the body of Ruth Ann and demand justice for her death.