The Bikini Bottoms: A SpongeBob Drag Show

May 18 2024 08:00 pm – Purchase Tickets:

The Bikini Bottoms: A SpongeBob Drag Show

Hey there! You're invited to join Honey Dew and Winter Madison for a super special event that's bringing Coastal Queens right here to the Upstate! Get ready to hop in your Patty Wagons and Boatmobiles and head on over to the Bauernhaus for an evening of SpongeBob-themed performances by some incredibly talented beauties, starting at 8 PM. And you know what they say, "F" is for friends who do things together, so bring your buddies, and let's have an unforgettable night out!

Performances by :

  • Honey Dew
  • Winter Madison
  • Ivy Insecta
  • Susu Serenity
  • Nova Cain O'Bishop

21+ Event